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Take a shower and make a seasonal maintenance

Cars have become an integral part of People's Daily lives, keeping the car "healthy" and regular car maintenance. What is the most important thing in car maintenance? What is the maintenance of the summer? Yuhuan chuangyu machinery co., LTD. Is a friend of the owner of the car.

Change the oil and oil to prevent wear and tear

In car maintenance, is the most important thing for the car's engine oil change, the car engine work mainly by the oil lubrication, oil change regularly can reduce engine wear parts, to extend the lifetime of the car. Many owners cherish his car very much, often give the vehicle to maintain oil change, is the right thing to car travels five thousand km or six months to replace oil and oil filter at a time.

High oil each performance index is superior, and thus can significantly prolong the life of the engine and maintenance cycle, and for fuel-efficient, increase power and reduce engine repair frequency has a significant effect. But not high price of oil is suitable for all kinds of models, depending on the vehicle's brand, should choose the most appropriate vehicle to have the effect of prolong engine life.

You need a shower.

As the weather gets hotter, many car owners start to use air conditioning. Due to air conditioning for a long time not to use, first open the air conditioning will emit a peculiar smell, and this kind of peculiar smell is emanate from the air conditioning pipe, so just days before the arrival of summer, Suggestions for the automotive air conditioning for a thorough cleaning.

In the spring and summer, the air conditioning line in the car is very easy to breed, if not cleaned up in time, the damage to the member of the car is very big. The air conditioning element of the vehicle should be changed once a year or 30,000 kilometers, but many car owners believe that there is no need to clean the air conditioning filter and so on. By spring and summer, a lot of car maintenance stores will launch special air-conditioner cleaning services, but they are not appreciated by car owners. Few owners will voluntarily clean up the air conditioning, which is an easy problem to overlook. Single from clean air duct on the effect of cleaning air conditioning and 4 s shops, professional car hairdressing effect is the same, but from the entire air conditioning system, their method of cleaning air conditioning can't be compared with the effect of the professional cleaning air-conditioning, the reason is that they can't clean evaporation box, box and the peculiar smell of the air conditioning most from evaporation.

Some owners often remembered that shut down air conditioning after flameout, it is harmful to the engine, because it's the vehicle starts, next time will start with the air conditioning load, such as high load will damage the engine. So every time you stop, you should turn off the air-conditioner and turn off the heat, and you should also turn on the air conditioner after the engine has been lubricated for two or three minutes.

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